Aims and Scope

The aim of the Korean Society of Food Culture is to publish research papers that present studies on all of the issues related to food culture such as scientific movement and globalization of traditional food and improvement of culture of meal service and eating out with a view to systematically establishing food culture of Korea.

Papers to be published include first, investigation on formation process and superiority of food culture; second, scientific movement of safety evaluation, cooking/processing, and storage technology of raditional food; and third, study on culture of meal service and eating out.

Official abbreviation
Journal of the Korean Society of Food Culture: J. Korean Soc. Food Cult.

Year of the first publication : 1986

Frequency of publication : 6 times per year(Bi-monthly)
This journal is issued for 6 times annually. The issues include Issue No. 1 (Feb. 28), Issue No. 2 (Apr. 30), Issue No. 3 (Jun. 30), Issue No.4 (Aug. 31), Issue No. 5 (Oct. 31), and Issue No. 6 (Dec. 31).
The editorial committee makes decision over manuscript review, adoption or not of manuscript, order of paper publication, and printing system. Regulations on paper submission and other necessary matters are determined in deliberation by the editorial committee.

Contact information

Below is included all of the relevant information on the Society such as symposium, member registration and membership fees, workshop, and etc.

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E-mail (general secretariat)




82-10-6369-6955 (assistant administrator for general affairs)

Bank account #

Shinhan Bank, 100-031-323667


Professor Ju Hyeon, Kim (President of the Korean Society of Food Culture)
#712 Yeoksam-hyundai-venturetel 25gil 20 teheran-ro Kangnam-gu, Seoul 06132, Korea

Copyright information

Paper submitted to this journal should be complaint with the followings.
- The paper submitted to this journal should not be submitted to other journal simultaneously.
- There should be no plan for paper publication in other publishing company.
- Consent should be obtained from co-author.
- If publication of paper is determined, copyright is automatically transferred to the Society.
- The paper should not be published in other place or other language without approval by the copyright holder.
- If some parts from other copyright source are used,
it is required to obtain copyright approval in written form by the original copyright holder.
- All of the papers published in this journal are subject to copyright protection, which includes right for translation and exclusive right for publication and distribution of offprint. Contents published in this journal should not be reproduced in picture or stored in the form of microfilm, electric database and video disk without written permission by publisher.
- Although not specifically mentioned, use of all of the common names, trade names and trademarks is subject to protection by relevant laws and regulations. All of the contents published in this journal are true as of the publication date. Author, editor and publisher do not have any legal liability for errors or omission that
may happen.
- Publisher does not guarantee or acknowledge all of the contents published. Specific written permission from publisher of the Society should be obtained to copy any of the publications.