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ISSN : 1225-7060(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7148(Online)
Journal of The Korean Society of Food Culture Vol.32 No.3 pp.227-234

Quality Characteristics of Spring Kimchi Cabbage by Storage Conditions and Period

Sun-Duk Cho1, Hye-Yeol Bang1, Eunhyang Kim1, SoHyeon You1, Byeong-Sam Kim2, Gun-Hee Kim1*

Plant Resources Research Institute, Duksung Women's University


Research Group of Smart Food Distribution System, Korea Food Research Institute

Corresponding author: Gun-Hee Kim, Department of Food and Nutrition, Duksung Women’s University, 33 Samyang-ro 144-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul 01369, Korea 82-2-901-8496 82-2-901-8474


This study attempted to establish the optimal conditions for storage of spring kimchi cabbage to stably control supply and demand. To this end, this study stored kimchi cabbages in various manners for different periods and compared the quality characteristics of kimchi using these cabbages. According to the results, pre-drying with photocatalytic and pre-cooling treatments showed average selectivity loss rates of 18.83 and 21.37%, respectively, which were lower than those of other treatments. Spring kimchi cabbages were stored for 15 weeks under various conditions, and the kimchi was stored for 4 weeks at 4°C. After ripening, each kimchi was analyzed for their soluble solid content, pH, acidity, and salinity. The average pH of kimchi was 4.60 and tended to rise, whereas average acidity was 0.38% and fell by 0.24 to 0.31% as the storage period was extended. Extension of the storage period caused decreases in soluble solid content and salinity, and the number of lactic acid bacteria decreased due to increased pH and reduced acidity (p<0.05). Sensory evaluation showed that all experts and non-professionals preferred kimchi treated by precooling compared to any other treatment.

봄배추의 저장조건 및 기간을 달리하여 제조한 김치의 품질특성

조 순덕1, 방 혜열1, 김 은향1, 유 소현1, 김 병삼2, 김 건희1*

1덕성여자대학교 식물자원연구소


한국식품연구원 스마트유통시스템연구단





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