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ISSN : 1225-7060(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7148(Online)
Journal of The Korean Society of Food Culture Vol.28 No.6 pp.553-561

화성시 비봉면 주부들의 식료품 구매 행태에 관한 연구

김 영, 김은경*, 최정숙, 이진영, 강민숙
농촌진흥청 국립농업과학원

A Study on the Food Purchasing Behavior Characteristics of Rural Housewives in Bibong-myeon, Hwaseong

Eunkyung Kim*, Young Kim, Jeongsook Choe, Jinyoung Lee, Minsook Kang
National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration


This study examined the food purchasing behavior of rural housewives in Bibong-myeon, Hwaseong. The surveytargeted grocery shopping for the home, in particular by housewives. The type of grocery store frequented, age, socioeconomicfactors, and ease of purchase were compared with interests in health foods. One super supermarket (SSM), threesupermarkets (SM), and four convenience stores were examined in the research area, whereas a large-scale discount storeand grocery stores were also examined outside the research area. The grocery store visiting rate was 61.5% in the researcharea and 38.5% in the other area. The SSM (62.7%) and SM (29.9%) in the research area and LDS (57.1%) and SSM(16.7%) in the other area were most frequently visited. Major purchasing products greatly differed according to the grocerystore type. Major foods purchased in the SSM were grain, meat, and fish. Major foods purchased in the LDS and SM wereprocessed products and vegetables, respectively. The LDS visiting frequency was 41.7% for 2-3 times per month and 41.7%for <1 time per month. The means of transport were mostly by private car (87.5%), whereas the SSM was visited 1-2 timesper week 53.1% of the time by foot. In addition, various grocery stores are absent in rural areas and it is therefore importantto find other methods to assess the food environment of rural areas. In future research, it will be necessary to design variousways to perform food environment research.