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ISSN : 1225-7060(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7148(Online)
Journal of The Korean Society of Food Culture Vol.28 No.3 pp.320-327

음료 제조를 위한 오미자 추출물의 추출 조건에 따른 품질 특성

민 성 희*
세명대학교 한방식품영양학부

Quality Characteristics of Omija (Schizandra chinesis Baillon) Extracts Under Various Conditions for Beverage Production

Sung Hee Min*
Department of Oriental Medical Food & Nutrition, Semyung University


The quality characteristics of Omija (Schizandra chinesis Baillon) extracts under various extraction temperatures and timeswere examined. The pH level of the extracts ranged from 3.35-3.47. The sugar and solid content of the samples significantlyincreased with increasing extraction temperatures and times (p<0.01). In contrast, the lightness of the extracts decreasedwith increasing extraction temperatures and times (p<0.001). In a palatability test, extracts boiled at 80℃ for 30 minutesscored high in terms of color, flavor, turbidity, sourness, and overall acceptability. Hydroxy radical scavenging activity andpolyphenol content of the extracts significantly increased with increasing extraction temperatures and times (p<0.01).Furthermore, direct correlations between hydroxy radical scavenging activity and polyphenol content (or flavonoid content)were established through simple regression (r>0.9) for different extraction temperatures and times. From these results,extracts boiled at 80℃ for 120 minutes is the best to product omija beverage considering functionality and sensoryevaluation as well.